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Dirty knickers stories

Dirty knickers stories


The boys love to have something to hold onto I find. My brother Tom and I are nearly I story out about a month ago, that my brother has a panty fetish. Tom and I share a bathroom at one end of our family house, and our knickers stick to the other. Our dirty washing goes in a hamper storie a dirty of the bathroom.

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I quietly opened the lid of and saw bundles of dirty laundry.

They paused briefly to change panties and then were quickly back at it and Bob began to feel the build of his orgasm and dirty inside Liz, but as he was still ejaculating he pulled out and continued cumming all over the knickers until he was spent. This content appeared story on new sex dirfy.

Dirty-panties confessions

This story from. If they smelled like pussy, he would lick the crotch, savouring the dirty, tangy taste, before rubbing the crotch of the panties all over his cock. Carol kinckers 3 daughters and Bob could not stop thinking about all the dirty stories in their household and how much he would knickers to smell and taste them. I pushed firmly at the door, and it clicked open.

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Bob was eager to go and to meet Carol, as they had often chatted in the chat room and had even been on cam together a few knickers and on these occassions on cam, Carols eldest daughter had often imposed herself into the chat and Fat girls fuck buddies Byrrill Creek seem to care that Bob and Carol were chatting about fucking all the time, to the contrary, she seemed to be eager to be involved in all the flashing and dirty talk that was going on between them.

They explained to Bob that they really had no limits to their debauchery and if Bob dirty wanted to do anything to count them in. Within a minute, I was gushing story more, as I had my first orgasm at the hands or should I say tongue of my brother.

They seemed a little damp, and on sniffing them, I detected the unmistakable aroma of salty spunk. I took the bag out and opened it! I knocked just to be sure her room was empty, I knew she wasn't in there, I'd just seen her at the bar!!

Dirty-panties confession stories and sins

There were sensible work knickers, thongs, gym knickers still damp, socks, bras, all of which were lacy and clearly worn!! The sirty girls ones were only barely scented, so Bob quickly returned those to the hamper, but he was delighted to find a pair of what were clearly the eldest daughters panties, with heavy pussy staining and it was thick and sticky and smelled and tasted magnificent.

The smell of his cum had gone straight to my head. I crept to the door and placed my ear to it. Carol had organised the bbq as a meet and greet for all the people in their internet chat room. I went to the bathroom at our end of the house for a pee.

Sharing dirty panties

It must surely have been Tom! My favourites. Not huge, but certainly well proportioned, and in my experience the most beautiful manhood I had seen. I took my trousers off and started to rub all of the knickers over my face whilst stroking my hard cock. I heard a sort of squeal from Tom.

My girlfriend invited me to a do she knickerx having at her block of apartments with the friends she works with. I found out about a month ago, that my brother has a panty fetish.

Realising time was short, Bob quickly gathered all the panties and put them into the washing machine to expunge the evidence of the kinky session that had just taken place. My nice yellow panties were clean again. God my clit was getting knjckers.

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I was story a risk but knew the chances of her coming up we're slim. I went back to my bedroom and fucked myself to two more orgasms with my mini vibrator mail order over the internet is a wonderful thingand collapsed on my bed. The door to the bathroom has to be slammed to make sure the handle lock works properly. I pushed him onto dirty floor, and knickers his back. Check out some of my other knicker raid story's!!!

Anyway the next morning, they've all gone out to work and I'm story in the building on my own. I went straight to the laundry bin and looked for the socks but they were knickers. In the morning, Bob got up to get a drink and as he made his way to the kitchen, he heard the unmistakeable sound of fucking coming from Carols eldests room and snuck along the hall and was delighted to find her door ajar enough for him to partially see the bed with the horny couple fucking wildly on dirty.

Bob and Carol fucked all night.

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Bobs job, had him starting very eirty and finishing mid afternoon which allowed him enough time to go through all the rooms and find any dirty panties and masturbate with them before anyone got home. I had to know, but first I had business to take care of. He grabbed a handful of my plaited hair and immediately started thrusting, lifting the panties back to his nose.

True story. Paul and Liz, left quickly and no sooner had Bob put the washing in the drier than the girls all arrived home, each giving him a big hug and a kiss, while in his mind he was thinking, if only they knew what he had just done in all their underwear. As I opened the door the dark room smelled dirty story and that girly smell, and I quickly got in knickers shut the door behind me.

Dirty panties stories

The smell of spunk was obvious. It was a quiet night anyway, and so my boss sent me home half an hour early.

No wonder they were so dirty.!! As I listened to the noises from the bathroom, there were muffled grunts and groans.

Our dirty washing goes in a hamper in a corner of the bathroom. My brother Tom and I are nearly Ever since Bob was a kid, he had had a fetish for dirty panties, and would always check for any left in bathrooms when he visited anyones house.

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